Autonomous Driving Shuttle Project

emotion, along with partners such as erae AMS, EMG, APAM, Daol, EarlyTech, and Next Design, is leading a autonomous driving shuttle bus development project that has been ongoing for three years. In this project, emotion is responsible for the integrated VCU, developing a single control module by integrating various components such as EPS, BCU, ESC, etc.

autonomous driving shuttle bus under development is an open vehicle platform based on PBV (Purpose Built Vehicle), which allows for changes to the open platform superstructure. It can be used for various purposes such as electric trucks, robotaxis, small shuttle buses, etc.

Vision & Goal

The autonomous driving shuttle bus being developed in this project has the advantage of ensuring the safety and reliability of the vehicle platform by introducing already commercialized vehicle parts, and can quickly achieve mass production. In the first half of 2024, the first vehicle is expected to be produced, and in the second half, the second vehicle will be produced. In 2025, additional vehicles will be produced with the goal of passing the automobile safety performance test.

Also, by providing the open vehicle platform and integrated control software to autonomous driving software platform companies, research institutes, schools, OEM manufacturers, etc., it will emerge as a leading company in the autonomous driving shuttle vehicle platform in the Daegu area.

emotion’s representative, SeongMan Hur, stated, “Through collaboration with local companies, we will successfully launch the autonomous driving shuttle bus and supply the platform to demanders, preparing a stepping stone for not only domestic but also overseas expansion.”

e-Axle Package & Specification

Flexible Platform for Autonomous